Business and Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Personal Bankruptcy in PhiladelphiaThe Firm has represented businesses in various industries: retail, restaurant, construction, manufacturing, real estate development, advertising and professional services.   We have successfully reorganized our clients’ debts whether in bankruptcy or through out-of-court restructurings.  We also work very closely with individuals having substantial business and consumer debts and who need relief through chapter 7, 11 or 13. It is no secret in Philadelphia that matters are referred to us because of the direct and personal approach we take for our valued clients.

Dimitri Karapelou has navigated many companies through chapter 11 to a successful exit with a reorganization plan that improves the company’s balance sheet and brings a fresh start to its operations.  He is pleased to know that the Firm’s clients have emerged stronger and better, and that their businesses (many family owned) have resumed vibrancy.  The clients often return to the Firm after the initial engagement has concluded, extending the relationship for years. When things do not go as expected, we are there to help our clients find a clear path for debt relief whether that be a friendly asset sale or an amicable business closing.

We have successfully used the bankruptcy process to discharge and eliminate millions of dollars of debts for individuals while also protecting key assets from creditors and trustees.  In these matters, our clients can count on us to spend as much time as necessary to prepare the case for filing, and to be agile enough to respond vigorously to anything that may occur during the case.  Bankruptcy, however, is not the only option, and a company/individual may often consider other roads.

The Firm begins each representation with a new perspective, staying away from the cookie cutter driven model used by so many firms today.  We know that the beginning of the case is the most important – often times it is the only chance to get it right.  We make sure that we know everything we can about your situation, and work with you to craft a specific strategy to meet your objectives.