“My businesses and I were in substantial tax trouble. We owned a lot of real estate which could have easily been taken by the IRS. Dimitri helped me go into bankruptcy to protect my assets. He held the IRS back for 4 years until I could pay them back in full. He really saved my retirement and my kids inheritance.”

“Dimitri was exactly the local counsel I needed on a complicated matter. He gave sound advice, both from a bankruptcy law standpoint and from a real-world, pragmatic standpoint. He had a great demeanor, good knowledge of the judges, and nice presentation skills in court. He controlled costs and worked very hard NOT to “work the file.” I highly recommend Dimitri.”

“Dimitri Karapelou has been my attorney for over 10 years and I couldn’t be happier.   He always gives great representation and his fees are more than fair.  I would and have recommended him many times.”

“I first engaged Dimitri 8years ago to resolve business debt and landlord issues. He was able to successfully resolve the matter to my satisfaction in few short weeks. He was innovative in his thinking and came up with win-win proposal for all parties involved, while still keeping my best interests in mind. He can be aggressive when needed for the benefit of his clients. He has expertise in business law and demonstrated mastery during court proceedings. To this day I consult with Karapelow Law for all my business matters.”

“I am a business manager with 15 years of experience in the medical field, and Dimitri Karapelou is by far the best attorney I have met. He is a true bankruptcy and business expert. Dimitri’s goal is to provide his clients with personalized attention, accessibility, and support through every stage of the case. His attitude, knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of every aspect of the case allows him to deliver pioneering legal strategies and results.”

“The Great Recession plunged our business and personal finances into chaos. The result was a failing business and mounting lawsuits from creditors.

Mr. Karapelou made an immediate impression, of competence and creative problem solving. In what was a very complex case, Dimitri successfully guided us through a Chapter 11 re-organization. Unlike  a Chapter 7 the Chapter 11 approach gave us flexibility and a court approved repayment plan over 5 years. We completed that plan and have never looked back. Mr. Karapelou structured a plan that allowed us to regain financial control of our lives, make payments to creditors, deliver products to customers and keep the business operational.

Although it seemed daunting at the time Dimitri kept assuring us that this path would bring to conclusion all of the chaos and allow us to move on in a positive manner. All of that came true as he described. Through the normal course of business I have had the opportunity to work with many fine attorneys and Dimitri is among the best of that group. He is very innovative, ethical and compelling both in and out of court. We give Dimitri our highest recommendation.”

“Filling Chapter 11 was the last thing I wanted, but was 100% the correct option. Dimitri was also definitely the right choice, he made an unpleasant situation a lot less unbearable.”

“In 2019 my wife and I were struggling to fend off a hard money lender based in Texas from taking our property in Pennsylvania. This lender sets traps for new and inexperience borrowers. They approved us for $94,565.00 to rehab our investment property in 2018. On the day of settlement, they wired $42,000 and they asked us to start the rehab with our own funds. Each time we complete a phase and request for a draw, they will send their inspector to inspect the job and in all three occasions the inspector came, he approved 80 to 90 percent of what was done met disbursement of rehab funds. However, the lender never released the rehab funds. We reached out to them personally to release the funds, but they never did. We had to up come with plan B: charge our credit cards and take a loan from our bank to finish the rehab. After all the struggle they put us through, we completed the rehab without their funding. At this juncture, this hard money lender came back and told us we owe them the full amount they approved in 2018. They threatened to foreclose the property if we do not pay the full $94,565.00, even though they only gave $42,000. It was at this point we seek help and a trusted friend referred us to Dimitri Karapelou. Mr. Karapelou handled this matter with finesse. He did not only keep this lender at bay but was able to resolve the matter for us. We did not pay that full amount and we were able to keep our property. My wife and I can not thank him enough for the outstanding job he did for us. Mr. Karapelou has the integrity and grit to find the most effective solution for his clients and I will recommend him with no hesitation.”

“Mr. Karapelou was able to sift through a confusing situation, clarify the important issues, and get right to the heart of the matter. He was direct and honest and did exactly what he said he would do. Mr. Karapelou stabilized my position in the most cost-effective manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Karapelou to anyone who needs an experienced, insightful and trustworthy bankruptcy attorney.”

“My family found ourselves involved for the fight our lives that involved some disingenuous accusations that could have bankrupt us. We initially hired a major law firm in Center City, Philadelphia. After some time with this big name firm we realized that they were more concerned with billable hours than winning our lawsuits. We made the best decision of our lives and hired Dimitri Karapelou. Everything changed and we felt empowered. Dimitri was able to spend enormous amount of time listening to our story, but more importantly he was able to grasp the complex business deals and the evidence that supported our stance. Dimitri is not opposed to taking a case all the way, and he is a star in the courtroom. Putting our family’s faith in Dimitri Karapelou was the best decision we’ve ever made.”